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        1. Professional High Quality Inovative

          Bring safe electricity and light to thousands of households

          32 years leading manufacturer in electrical and wirering device Industry

          "LONON" Brands, Top 10 in Lighting & Wall Switch socket

          Since 1991

          Why Choose Us

          Let's grow your business together

          Professional High Quality And Competitiveness And Competitiveness.

          Lonon Industries was founded in the early nineties of 20th century.after more than 30 years of sharpening,LONN has grown up into a group enterprise comprising three major modules including lighting,electrical and ventilation.LONON has also established a robust,leading-edge corporate image and repulation.

          Over 30 years of manufacturing experience,

          provide LED lighting solutions for the world-class enterprises

          In 2008,a joint venture is formed with Honeywell.since then,we are committed to the development and application of high-end LED field.With the intergration of Honeywell Aerospace sapphire and technical resources,we are able to provide LED lighting solutions for the world-class enterprises

          Focus On Technological Innovation

          experienced management team with strong technical background

          In the course of providing services to these large enterprises and projects,we have been establishing a experienced management team with strong technical background.we have accumulated experienced in the design and application as well as technology managment.

          Scalable Solutions that Grow with Your Requirements

          Amidst the change in traditional lighting system reorganization,high-end LED technology.

          On May 2014 Guangdong LONON successfuully completed its business retructuring,which mainly focus on the development of Honeywell and LONON lighting business.Meanwhile,the restructure also aims to promote the project and channels work.The group completed the projects of Huarun,KFC,Goodyear and some other projects in the year 2015.

          Highly Recommended
          K8 Glass
          Super thin switch socket

          Crystal clear
          High hardness tempered glass not afraid or rubbing, lasting clean
          Smooth and delicate
          2.5D are design with smooth edges and corners
          Big wire connectiong hole, available for 3*4m2 firmly wiring
          86*90mm size frameless big button

          Customized Package
          Brand Accepted

          The K8 Super thin glass family products facing UK Universal type socket, with Hotel function switch socket included, which can fulfil high end needs for public areas, Hotel,Home. The super thin mobile phone grade glass with different colours ,and you can also put your brand logo on the glass, which can show really high level of brand and product

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